The Day My Wife Found A Husband

Entertaining, intelligent, witty: this really is everything you ever wanted to know about sex.

Chloe and Rasmus have been married for nearly 20 years, and yes, everything's fine, they've developed personally and they've grown close and used to each other. But somehow they can't just let this life go on either. Rasmus wants one more go: he wants to conquer a new world, somewhere a long way from home. He wants to show what he can do. Chloe is always there with him. Until she meets Benny and falls in love again, wildly and passionately: sex all night, no thoughts of tomorrow, just being fucking well young again. Chloe has the greatest sex of her life, and Rasmus has the greatest disaster. Sibylle Berg asks the question that all couples end up asking themselves: is sex essential for life? Or is it love after all?

Carl Hanser Verlag

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256 pages